maybe a new level requires a new you!

Ready to become the next-level version of yourself?



YOU'VE got a big dream OR GOAL.
you’ve EVEN started movING toward it.

A break-through to your next level, is going to require a next level version of you. 

And in order to bring all of your untapped potential to life, there’s a process you need to follow. I’ve removed all the difficulty, so it’s not hard, but there’s a flow to follow. Hoping your dreams become reality isn’t a strategy. 

This isn’t a “you” problem, by the way. This is quite normal and across the board, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Here's the deal

“I Was Able To MORE THAN DOUBLE My Business!”
- John Williams

My name is Deedee, and I’ve designed a program to help you breakthrough to your next level and bring your ME 2.0 to Life!

Imagine going through a proven process to literally re-design yourself and step into that new identity. And have the tools in place to do it time and time again. 

You need a ME 2.0 blueprint & behavior strategy

Identify what’s blocking your next level
Overcome overwhelm
Eliminate spinning your wheels
Open yourself to receiving miracles
Experiencing the life you were created to live

are you finally ready to...

If you’re hitting 100k years or 100k days, the process for you to go to your next level is the same because, just works.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee. 

you can re-deisgn yourself now 

You’ll use the tools you learn inside to begin to step into your new ME 2.0 and fully embody the next level version of yourself

step 03.

 You’ll identify you unique blocks and use the process to strategize what is required of you to meet (and exceed) your goals.

step 02.

Set aside one day to follow my proprietary process to re-design yourself and create your blueprint. 

Step 01.


Regularly $997 
Now Just $97



“Working with Deedee is like having access to pure MAGIC! She helped me reframe some of the biggest hurdles in my business in the most impactful way. I worked with her to get crystal clear on the actions I need to be taking to reach my ideal life and business outcomes. Deedee is so gifted in helping business owners get clear on their goals and I don’t know where I’d be without her coaching!”

“It's Like Having Access To Pure MAGIC!”


"With Deedee’s guidance, I was able to more than double my business, write my first book, and hire my first full-time assistant! This year I’m on track to do 300K in sales volume and owe so much of this success to her divine wisdom and guidance. She doesn't use some generic formula, she actually listens to your goals and helps you create your desired destiny. When it comes to hiring a coach, this is not my first rodeo, and she is the best yet hands down!"

“I Was Able To MORE THAN DOUBLE My Business!”

Valued at $97

The Backpocket Coach

Get my coaching in your back pocket! 4 D.I.Y Coaching Cheatsheets. Ask yourself my 15 Power Infused Questions. Cut Your To-Do List By 75%. Plus, get A 75% ROT (Return On Time/Freedom)

Bonus #2

Valued at $497

Using This 1hr Workshops Blueprint... I have QUIT MY JOB (husband too)
Cut Work Hours by More Than 60% + 2x My Income. Now, I Work From My Dream Home with Dream Clients! 

Life by Design Workshop

Bonus #1

In Addition To     
You'll Walk Away With...


I know that you can do this. The best part is, you don't have to take my word for it. 

If you work with the principles in Be Transformed, they will work for you. If not after doing the work it’s not a good fit, let’s hop on a call, you’ll get a session to help you get the kinds of results we’re getting others in the program or I’ll give you a refund (within 14 days).  Just shoot us an email We'll process it immediately no questions asked! 

I only desire to be of service to you and helping you achieve that dream you have in your mind right now. This is another way I can serve you and help you literally step into your dream. 

I promise to not let you down.








You Can Choose To Start Your Level Up Today

let's do this

You felt more confident and aligned with your business goals. 
If you're waiting for scarcity to force you to buy so your dream finally becomes your reality. You'll be waiting forever and possibly never reach your next level. 

Imagine, you finally have clarity in your life and knew all of your next moves. The truth is I don't know how long this offer will be here at this price, maybe one year, maybe one day. What I do know is your dream life, your purpose, and your next level are waiting for you NOW. 

What would your life look like if...

Let's be real for a minute, can we?

Do the Doors Close?
Life is Rigged In Your Favor,
 Deedee B.

My life's purpose is to assist hungry individuals unleash their 
F U L L potential (in all areas of life) , pursue their passion (for profit), and fulfill their purpose (playing by their own rules)! 

Along our curated journey guide I guide my clients to experience transformation and expansion in any specific area of life they choose. 

We will use a carefully curated blend of step-by-step tools and techniques that will allow them to easily and effortlessly ditch limiting beliefs, release negative emotions, collapse timeframes, and stop play small by remaking their identity and creating a blueprint for life on their terms. 

Deedee here! Feel free to skip this little bit about me...

Hey You!

Say hello to brand new next level.

Say goodbye to the now you've outgrown

Truth be told, I've kept this offer on the shelf for YEARS. I've gone through it multiple times and everytime IT HITS. 

I know it will serve you as it has me through the years. Your investment in this business won't change my life, but what if it will change yours!

How will your life change when you invest in yourself?