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ready to be more,

Welcome in! My name's Deedee Breski and God put me on this earth to help entrepreneurs+++ live their best life. 

Welcome in! I'm Deedee Breski, Master Life Coach.

do more, & have

do more, and have


If this seems greedy maybe this isn't the house for you, then again maybe you're in the perfect spot at the perfect time. 


My job is helping entrepreneurs+++ live their best life.

Ready to unleash untapped potential?

There's never been a better time to walk in Your purpose! Your people are waiting... 

You've just stepped into the right place...

If you're feeling stuck, hitting a block, or uninspired with your business. If from the outside looking in you "have it all" but from the inside that thought just makes you feel anxious. If you're unmotivated and impressed with the 5-Step Frameworks, strategies, tactics from books, webinars, events, masterclasses, and courses that claim to "fix" it. I get it and that's why I founded the The House of Transformation™ and we offer the services we do. 

Because the truth is... You already have all you need inside of you, God placed it there before you were ever born.  Now, you just need a reminder in how to harness and use your innate power.

I made a choice 7-8 years ago and I wanted to be absolutely sure it was dealt with. Not only was my reason for joining dealt with, I now have the means to deal with whatever comes my way. Deedee showed me to go back past where the negative emotion occurred and how to deal with it as she provided me with a tool to do so.

 I just wanted it to go on longer as it was an AWESOME experience.

Get off the fence and do it as you are the most important investment you will ever make. By not doing so, it will actually cost you more than you will ever know, not too mention what it has already cost you.

Vince Schembri

Tess Wicks

Working with Deedee is like having access to pure MAGIC! She helped me reframe some of my biggest hurdles in my business in the most impactful way. I worked with her to get crystal clear on the actions I need to be taking to reach my ideal life and business outcomes. Deedee is so gifted in helping business owners get clear on their goals and I don’t know where I’d be without her coaching!

John Williams

With Deedee’s guidance, I was able to more than double my business, write my first book, and hire my first full-time assistant! This year I’m on track to do 300K in sales volume and owe so much of this success to her divine wisdom and guidance. She doesn't use some generic formula, she actually listens to your goals and helps you create your desired destiny. When it comes to hiring a coach, this is not my first rodeo, and she is the best yet hands down!

What an incredible experience! With my wedding just around the corner, my goal setting session with Deedee could not have come at a better time. Deedee uncovered fears in me that I have allowed to paralyze me throughout my life, keeping me from achieving my goals. All of my negative what if's vanished one after the other throughout my session. Deedee took me on a journey to not only visually see myself on my wedding day having achieved my physical goals but, most importantly, the raw emotion that brought me to tears. I felt a love for myself I have never felt before. I can't express enough what an impact this session had on my life. I know, without a doubt, I will be exactly where I meant to be physically and mentally on my wedding day marrying the man of my dreams. Thank you, Deedee, for giving me the tools to guide me to any dream I wish to become my reality!

Magen Smith

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"I was just like you. Struggling & desperate to make my mark."

My purpose in life is to do my part in guiding people to experience God, master and understand themselves, and have a fulfilling life experience. The House of Transformation™ is centered around helping you become the version of yourself you dream of. Whether it's the The Being Method Certification, The Be Trance Formed Retreat, Gratitude Challenge or She Society, we live to share the foundational teachings of spiritual development that transends into every area of life. 


Wife, Mother, Coach, Writer, Speaker, & Founder of The House of Transformation™

My journey...


My upbringing is blessed, two-parent home, siblings, private and public schools. I dropped out of highschool in 2007, but ended up getting my degree from homeschool.  I completed 1 semester of college, but stopped when I realized I had no idea what I planned to do with my major in Film & Digital Media. 




I began having continuous 6-Figure and Multiple 6-Figure Years. Working part-time in a business I love. Working with clients and helping them create 6 & 7 figure business that are full-filling! 

I became a mom, met the highest version of myself, experienced the payoff of the relationship I cultivated God, the Creator of the universe.

Leaving school, I worked at various jobs, living life, and making between $25k-30k per year. I was grateful, but not content, because I knew I was playing small... 

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