Spirit-Led Coach Certification and
6-Figure Business School


power method university

Extract your expertise to build a high-income + high-impact coaching business without blending in or burning out!

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Imagine what it would be like...

What would it mean to you to go from hustle & grind to ease & flow without losing any profit?

β€’ Creating a Power Offer that serves you AND your clients at the highest level
β€’ Adding income and making sales that you DID NOT hustle and grind for
β€’ Facilitating genuine lasting transformation in your clients and receiving EPIC testimonials
Turning your success into rinsable and repeatable tools and systems that easily transfer to others
β€’ Magnetizing clients that show up and get desired results based on your professional compatibility
β€’ Repelling the energy-vampire clients who you previously had to drag in and around your programs
β€’ Finally feeling confident and competent in your ability to deliver the results your program promises

β€’ Adding income and making sales that you DID NOT hustle and grind for

β€’ Facilitating genuine lasting transformation in your clients and receiving EPIC testimonials

If you could turn your life and business into a paid vacation. Guess, what? It's possible when you start...

3 traps coaches get caught in

Thinking elevation has to be exhausting

Overdelivering, 5-Step Frameworks,   hustle & grinding to create and maintain the income and lifestyle is physically, mentally, and energetically exhausting!

Accidentally repelling repeat customers

Expertise isn't everything. To get clients results you have to be able to extract that expertise and turn it into a transformational program for clients!

Strategy and tactic teaching alone

When you only share strategies, tactics, and how-to information. You are actually harming 90% of your clients! They won't execute without the your deep internal blueprint!

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Imagine charging your ideal prices and attracting clients who are THRILLED TO PAY YOU! 

Imagine eliminating all of the and parts of your business that drain you (including energy vampire clients) without losing a dime and increasing customer satisfaction (DOING LESS)

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

I'm happy to help...

You're undercharging and "overdelivering"

You're worried about your clients not getting results

You're frustrated by clients who don't do the work

why would i want to be certified

Let me be perfectly clear. A certification isn't a magic piece of paper that will cause you to achieve all of your dreams. However when you experience the tools and techniques inside the certification. It's not possible for you to remain the same. You will change in ways you never imagined possible. Life will begin to make more sense and it will influence your life, business, and ability to coach in new ways. Now combining these tools and techniques with Biblical and Spiritual principles is where this certification really begins to separate itself. 

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This will level up your game for good & get you the revenue you deserve.

are you tired of the way things have been?

A lot of people run their business, based inside the boundaries of other peoples rules and opinions. If your business feels suffocating, boring, uninspired. Or if you feel like you can't be yourself in your business... you're wasting your secret sauce!

You would much rather be crushing it in business playing
by your own rules and embracing the fullest expression of yourself

The secret sauce of the successful

Are you ready to infuse you into your business?

Do the deepest parts of you desire to be seen?

How amazing will it feel to unless you?


just a taste of what you'll receive:

Power Method Coach

This is the signature Modality that Deedee crafted to experience complete transformation. A powerful combination of Biblical truths, quantum physics, psychology, energetics, neuroscience that makes a path for you to experience and exude deep lasting life change. 


The power method university

Spirit-Led Master Coach Certification and 6-Figure Business School 
For Faith-Raised Entrepreneurs & Leaders, Experienced & Aspiring Coaches

NLP Practitioner Certification

NLP is a set of tools, and techniques that provide change faster than people imagine possible. It helps you see exactly how much power and choice you have. You will see and help your client see the world through a new lens, and when biblically informed, your life will never be the same. 


Clinical Hypnotherapy

You will learn the relaxing and powerful techniques for communicating directly with the subconscious mind.  This is such a powerful tool to affect change in your life and the lives of those in your sphere of influence.


Kairos Techniques

The principles of this curriculum have the power to completely understand and change, heal, and transmute previous blocks, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging tendencies.


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what separates this certification

Whether or not you identify as a follower of Christ. Biblical principals are solid foundation to build a transformational coaching business on. This certification experience is designed to be intimate and massively impactful for motivated leaders who are determined to understand and master themselves and, ultimately, lead others to do the same. When you are finished here, you will be a leader. Clear on your purpose and equipped with tools to transform lives as a coach, speaker, author, or any other field you choose. You will be certified in 6 different modalities that have the ability to change your life and those of others. The possibilities of how to produce additional income upon graduation are as limitless as you.

The purpose of PMU is to create Biblically founded transformational coaches and leaders.

how to know if YOU NEED THIS

This is perfect for you if:

Your successful from the outside but lack fulfillment on the inside

You wish clients would just do it instead of asking the same questions repeatedly

You have the expertise and experience, but aren't sure how to teach others

Your courses and coaching are in desperate need of a transformakeover

Your tired of the hustle and the grind of dragging sales across the finish line

You're ready to release the fear of not being help clients after they pay you

You'd like a prove process for becoming a confident coach who gets epic results

You need offers that your dream clients will obsess &  fight to pay you for

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** limited availability and on a first come first serve basis. 

Apply now for the opportunity to get access to $50k worth of bonuses included FREE!

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7-Figure Sit In - [$25,000]

Design Your Breakthrough Day Workshop - [$10,000]

Power Speaker Training - [$8,000]

Wait, what exactly is included??

While you're on your way to becoming a leader who creates genuine transformation for your clients that makes you breakout and sell out in your sphere of influence you'll also get

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

7 certifications

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 12-month container, as it will allow us to add the tools for transformation to your toolset, build your power offer, craft your client-centric curriculum, and deliver your powerful program.

certifications THAT ARE granted at graduation

unlocked access 01

Power Method Coaching Certification

Kairos Techniques Certification 

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) Certification

Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] Certification

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Power Method Speaker & Training Certification

business school

Create and sell your power offer or optimize your program with a client-centric curriculum that energizes you and empowers your clients to take action and get results. We'll give you all the resources, tools, templates, and training to take your business to your next level!

business trainings THAT ARE included

unlocked access 02

Power Method Business Curriculum

Offer Creation Implementation Guide

Powermonials - 5-Star Feedback System

Ideal Client Attraction Playbook

practicum calls

Facilitate and experience your new toolkit by using these calls to practice and master the techniques from that month as well as receive unprecedented transformation and coaching (great opportunity to gather testimonials if you’re a coach)

On these calls

unlocked access 03

Facilitate the techniques you learn

Receive transformation on the receiving end of a practitioner

Great opportunity to gather testimonials if you’re a coach

Attend curriculum calls to get all your questions answered about the lessons and materials we’ve covered

resource library

Dive into the resource library, where I share the resources that have completely changed my life. Books, podcasts, youtube videos, and even courses. Share your ah-ha moments in the community and complete the social prompts that position you as a leader causing you to break out and sell out in your sphere of influence. 



Private community to receive feedback, support, celebrate, and share

Access to PDFs, Deedee’s life playlists, exercises, meditations, and various resources to use for yourself or with your clients

Position yourself as the leader and expert you are becoming as you experience the tools and techniques

coaching calls

Information alone will not lead to transformation. We dedicate calls to implementation, feedback, and business strategy. Also we open up study halls to come together and dedicate time to play with the content inside of the certification. 



Participate in business strategy calls to receive feedback on your business,

Submit course work for strategic feedback call led by the coaching team

Join study halls to intentionally complete your Certification materials

The process looks like this...


Learn and experience the tools and techniques

Phase one is always to add knowledge, and while most people are satisfied to simply do that, for PMU this is just the beginning. 

Create your transformational delivery mechanisms

Create your profitable pleasurable powerful business that you enjoy and clients rave about - so you don't blend or burn out!

Deliver trainings and coaching that drive students to act now

Deliver a program that only involves MTAR (minimum time and action required) to achieve the result in an enjoyable transformational way.

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Extract and infuses your internal process into the elements of your unique program - Crafting a Client Centric Curriculum that Wows!


Create your profitable and pleasurable power offer that magnetizes your perfect clients and co-creates epic results

Become a confident and competent coach that infuses your proprietary tools and techniques into clients to help them achieve powerful results


What's the birdseye view?

What You'll Experience If Accepted to Join the Power Method University



Working with Deedee is like having access to pure MAGIC! She helped me reframe some of the biggest hurdles in my business in the most impactful way. I worked with her to get crystal clear on the actions I need to be taking to reach my ideal life and business outcomes. Deedee is so gifted in helping business owners get clear on their goals and I don’t know where I’d be without her coaching!

Tess | moneY coach

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Tess - Coach

if you're a great fit, we'd love to have you

Would you love to be the next business owner with the unique ability to... 

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Sell Power Offers That Energize You & Transform Clients

Breakthrough Your Next-Level Income Ceiling

Confidently Raise Your Prices AND Increase Sales

Release The Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs Keeping You Stressed & Stuck

Ready ?

our better than

Money Back Guarantee

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Inside the certification. We're as dedicated to your success as you are. Due to the nature of the program we do not offer refunds, be we do offer continued support. If you do not make your investment back and then some. We will continue to support you inside the program until you do. 


A: This is a 12 month program, you will have 12 months access to the calls, content portal and support related to this program. This applies pressure to take action while also giving you the perfect amount of time to implement and achieve results.

A: The Power Method content will begin with our Welcome ceremony on Friday, October 29th. Monday, November 22 new content will begin dropping and access to the calls will begin. You will get immediate access to the Show Me the Money - Money Transformation Course after you submit payment.

A: No offer or experience, no problem. This program is designed to help you every step of the way. We're unpacking every single component of not only a successful coaching business, but a successful business in general! Coaching, Launching, & Fulfilling.

A: We both know that some success isn't sustainable and sometimes when it's sustainable it isn't pleasurable. When you complete the Power Method you will have not only a successful business, but one that is sustaining and fulfilling to you.

Email us at info@deedeebreski.com or DM the team @deedeebreski directly on Facebook or Instagram! We're happy to chat with you and answer all your questions. "