Let's create change in the world together. these are step-by- step co-creation experiences where we become purpose partners and you are guided to stop playing small & unleash your full potential.

Transformational experiences

 Have you reached your upper limit? Do you know you're meant for more, but how to get there seems to allude you? Do you find yourself not being motivated to prioritize your proclaimed priorities?

Procrastination is the manifestation of intimidation and overwhelm.  The end result of the Now Discover Your Destiny 5-Day Quantum Leap Destination Immersion Retreat is stepping into your new, powerful identity, creating a purpose driven actionable plan, and experiencing time-warping techniques that will allow you to experience quantum leaps at this retreat and beyond. 

Escape from your current reality and take time to create a blueprint for your next level of life and begin to embody your you 2.0 persona.

5-Day Quantum Leap Immersion Retreat

now discover your destiny

90 Minutes (PLUS 1 week of laser coaching via voxer) dedicated to helping you experience success and fulfillment on your terms. This is a completely tailored 1 on 1 experience. If you know you're meant for more and want to ditch a limiting belief or emotion that you know is holding you back from your goals;  Experience next level visioning  so you can speak directly to your subconscious (the goal-getter); or walk away with a backwards action plan for success and fulfillment on your terms! 

This isn't about following someone else's frameworks, strategies, and tactics for success. In the Quantum Clarity Intensive we will explore and experience creating success playing by your rules. 

 get on a clear path to your next level in any area of life with a reverse action plan so you can collapse time frames make your goal a done deal in record time. 

90-Minute 1:1 + Voxer Support


Have you been  trying all the things, putting in the effort, investing your time and money to move toward your goals, but keep spinning you wheels getting stuck in the mud ? It's time to harness your innate power and get unstuck, so you can reach your next level in life with ease. 

Be Transformed is a 6-week experience where you will come face to face with your ideal self. Discover and deploy the life changing tools that will allow you to quickly close the gap between where you  are now and where you desire to be in any area of life you choose. Experience quantum shifts in moments instead of years of trial and error. Say goodbye to playing small, self-doubt, fear, insecurity, worry, anxiety, uncertainty, regret, overwhelm!

create your quantum character & rewrite your lifetime movie so you can breakthrough and experience your next level income, relationships, and quality of life.

Done Together 6-Week Group Experience 

be transformed 

'Godfidence' a meditation for a more confident, in-control mindset 

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